Monte Cimone from the Lago della Ninfa

Monte Cimone from the Lago della Ninfa

Escursione Monte Cimone
Hike on the highest peak of the Apennines Tosto-Emiliano: Mount Cimone 2165m above sea level. Check the Nymph Lake, winter ski resorts. On the top is a weather center. If the visibility is good you can see on the horizon the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, Mount Amiata, the Argentario, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the island of Elba, Corsica and the island of Capraia.Sulla sommità sorge un centro meteorologico.

Data escursione: 14 Nov 2018

Difficoltà: EE - Escursionista Esperto

Distanza: 9.0 km

Partenza: Lago della Ninfa

Dislivello: 670 m

Tempo: 3h:45m

Destinazione: Monte Cimone

Profilo altimetrico




As a reference point Lake of the nymph. You approach by car from Sestola, in winter you need to pay a toll. once arrivtà the lake or in the vicinity (depends From manual) you park and part.

Descrizione itinerario

From the beautiful Lago della Ninfa, one has to move on Rifugio Ninfa and leads straight to the CAI path 449 towards "Cimone".

The trail is marked with classic tracks of cai (red and white), but it is also reported with other colors, white and blue, and how the municipal trail number 11.


Sentiero 449 Cimone

We follow the 449 and begin to gain altitude.

At some point there is a variant on "expert hikers" and meets a vertical line with the rocks on which you do a little 'climbing, nothing really difficult, but for those afraid of heights or when there is ice, better be careful.

variante sentiero 449 EE

I found a nice diversion and jumped straight for the variant

Rocce sentiero 449 variante EE

Once past the arrival of the plants a sign warns that the path is considered "High Mountain" and points out the need to pay attention.

In fact, the path becomes steeper and restinge.

I met snow and a little 'ice, but I have not even pulled out your crampons (which always recommend).

The ridge

crinale cimone

We are over 2000m above sea level and the wind starts blowing really strong.

With the latest sfrorzi and always following the path CAI 449 reach the summit where there is a weather station

And it statao a statue at the summit which offers a great view.

madonnina vetta cimone

We stop in order to have a snack and a drink and then take the path CAI 441 towards the Nymph Lake also reported as 13 municipal trail.

The descent is pretty tough and there are jumps, so you have to pay a bit 'of attention, but you lose altitude very quickly.

Lago dei Bangi - Sentiero CAI 441

It passes close to the Lago dei Bagni, which was frozen solid and then by Fontana Bedini (fountain) where you can do water supply.


Lupetto neve

Proceeds all right until we cross the ski slope, at which point an arrow indicating the direction to the right, but checking the map and checking the GPS, I am convinced that is not the case and take it to the left where I find the correct path to the Lago della Ninfa.




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Marco Lalla

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